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    Do you want your family history displayed on your
    own web page with up to 6 pictures?
    As a basic member we can create your own page with
    up to 6 pictures for an additional $65 per year,
    ready to be sent around the world to friends and family.
    Are You Looking for a Sound
    Investment in Your Community?

    Then look no further than the Miami
    County Historical Museum.
    In the summer of 1965, Bea Mount and
    Bettie Ore hatched the idea of
    establishing a historical society in Miami
    County. From the very beginning, they
    identified the primary vision of the society
    – to be a County Historical Society and
    eventually a County Museum.
    After many meetings to pave the way, the
    Miami County Historical Society became a
    reality on December 2, 1965. During the
    first meeting, the society elected Bob
    Carey their president.
    For almost 50 years the society has been
    serving the people of Miami County and
    its membership by telling The Story of US.
    During this time, many dedicated
    members have served as non-paid
    volunteers in order to continue the vision
    of the charter members.
    You can help us continue to serve the
    people of the County by investing in the
    future of the museum during this, our
    50th year of continuous service to the
    County. What would be more fitting then
    to declare on December 2nd – Miami
    County Historical and Genealogical
    Societies - DEBT FREE, with a mortgage
    burning party.
    Your generous donation, large or small,
    will go a long way toward insuring the
    future of the museum and the
    genealogical research library.

    Thanks in advance,
    The Members of the Museum and
    Genealogical Societies
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Miami County Historical Museum - 12 E. Peoria, - Paola, KS 66071 Phone: 913-294-4940
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