Paola, Kansas
a 150 year history in detail
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1921--Ed Boyd is retiring from Paola Hardware because of ill health. Andy Weir and son Clyde have purchased it.--Jan.

1921 The Jackson Hotel was built on the site of the old LaClede Hotel, formerly the Reed House. even back to the Union
built in 1857. Lucy Jackson announced plans drawn up by Geo. P. Washburn, architect with A.E. Freese, contractor. The
best part of the LaClede frame building was retained as the back of the Jackson. The new brick hotel 76 x 40, cost
$50,000 including furnishings had 25 new rooms, with bath, (total 50 rooms. renting for $3.50-$5 a week) and a sitting
room on each floor on the first floor were the lobby, open stairway, guest’s library and dining room for 40 persons.--
Apr. 1921, Coming of Age in Forties.

1921--L.M. Metzler has sold his interest in the furniture store to his brother L.F. Metzler.--Apr. 21.

1921--Board of Park Commissioners Decided to close Wallace Park gates at 9 pm requested by Mothers’ club to keep
loitering teens out but it bothered tourists and adults so gates are open and the grounds are policed.--July 20.

1921--Labor Day is one of importance this year because farmers and laborers are to hold a big picnic in Wallace Park
(now incorporated as part of the city by the mayor and council).--Aug. 9.

1921--Paola is so crowded for school room that the basement of one building and parts of city hall will have to be used.
--Aug. 30.

1921--Mallory Opera House burned. Lucy Mallory was living on the Third floor; Willard Battery was in the basement;
Ground floor: Cummings Studebaker and American Express; Second: Drs. Haldeman and Ealy, Bell Telephone and
Western Union.—WS. Oct. 27. (Item Jun 10, 1968) A verdict of not guilty for Mr. Tiede charged with arson of the Opera
House.--Oct. 17, 1925.

1921--Capt. John C. Collins had 40 hard maple trees placed in city park and courthouse yard to replace trees that died.
They include memorial tablets to Miami County boys that gave their lives in the World War. He also planted 16 trees on
the east parking of the cemetery.--Nov. 4.

1922--In December 45 meetings were held by the Farm Bureau, total attendance 535.--Jan. 6.

1922--A knight of the road weary and footsore knocked at the back door of a W. Peoria home. A social group met him
at the door and insisted he sample the delicious eats prepared.--MR. Jan. 20.

1922--Prof. Olsen from Agricultural College, Manhattan visited the cheese factory. He pronounced it an efficient
establishment and the quality of cheese very good.--MR. Feb. 3.

1922--John Cole enthusiastic about a golf course and thinks there are enough men to start project. --MR. Feb. 10.

1922--A very interesting Tuberculosis clinic was held in the city hall; Dr. L.A.VanPelt, Miami County Health Officer and Dr.
O.C. Lowe attended.--MR. Feb. 24.

1922--Last summer Albert Merrill promoted a swimming pool. The first pay was collected from subscribers and a lot was
purchased one block east of courthouse, cost $1,435. The residence to be sold and moved. Work will start on pool in
the spring.--WS. Mar. 3.

1922--Judge J.O. Rankin Jr. was upheld again by Supreme Court when a bunch of Decisions were handed down
Saturday.--MR. Mar. 17.

1922--Monday Sen. Arthur Capper was here; he was mighty busy greeting people.--Nov. 10.

1922--The Commercial Hotel was bought from Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bales by Cook & Co., KC; they own Broadmoor
Hotel.--MR. Nov. 10.

1922--Armistice Day was observed by entire cessation of business.--Nov. 17, 1922.

1923--Fred Koehler sold his bakery to Wilmer Barkhurst; the workshop and baking rooms are on the second floor of the
Peiker & Scheer building east of the Peoples National Bank.--WS. Dec. 30.

1924—Mr. Ota (Ione?) Naomi (Cranston?) Brainerd Patterson, (Mr. James), 43, died at the home Jan. 13, 1924.--MR.
Jan. 13.

1924--D.F. Dunn has sold his furniture and undertaking business to J.B. Lindemood. In 1909 Dunn had bought a new
$1,000 funeral car, of the latest design, eight columns on a side.--Feb. 10.
Roy Wilson is now associated with Jesse Lindemood as embalmer.--May 18.

1924--C.M. Koenig, Paola Music Co. sold store in Sinkey Block to Wittiman & Harkins.--Feb. 17.

1924--Country Club opened by President Paul Russell, luncheon served to 60 members.--Feb. 24.

1924--Wallace Park authorities are to arrest couples who go there to spoon or hug.--Mar. 16.

1924--Spring elections only 625 of 1650 registered voters did so.--Apr. 6.

1924--The girls of the 3 camps, Peoria, Pocohantas and Chippewa, attended the Fourth National Convention of the
Campfire Girls in KC. The Chamber of Commerce set aside $200 to help the local Boy Scouts.--Apr. 6.

1924--Stockholders of People’s National Bank met at home of C.N. Emery to celebrate 35th anniversary of bank; they
agree to consolidate with Miami County National Bank.--Apr. 20.

1924--Jim Kane died May 1, 1924. He began in Osawatomie as editor of Southern Kansas Herald, the first newspaper
published south of Kansas River in 1857.--May 11.

1924--Women met with A.M. McCullough May 5 to discuss organization of PTA, 96 members endorsed by Chamber of
Commerce, Ministerial Alliance, Federated Women’s Clubs.--May 18.

1924--Floyd Fickel graduated from KC College of Pharmacy.--May 18.
1924--Methodist Church purchased Clarence Ward’s place east of there; the house was built 70 years ago about 1854.
The Wards had longest ownership in town at that time. Clarence Ward born there 1861and died April 14, 1913, age 52.
--MR. May 23.
Pueser Motors advertised a Ford Touring Car $295 F.O.B. Detroit with detachable rims and starter $85 extra.--June 22.

1924--Co. D. 1st Regiment KS National Guard of 60 members will go to Ft. Riley for encampment in August.--July 13.

1924--A Junior College will open at Ursuline in September.--July 13.

1924--Jenkins Brothers Groceries are successors to Young’s on south side of square.--July 20.

1924--Dr. L.B. Spake, ENT specialist, is at Dr.CA Fisher’s office, twice each month.--Aug. 3.

1924--The Farm Bureau Insurance has an agent again; his office is in the old Sales Pavilion. J.D. Buchman of the
Agricultural College was sent to succeed E.H. Walker.--Aug. 24.

1924--The Methodist Church will use the courtroom while new building is being built.--Aug. 24.

1924--Jefferson Highway through Paola was okayed by state and federal governments. Beginning at the county line
then due south through Hillsdale to the Petrie Corner then ½ mile west and southwest past the Country Club into
Paola on Pearl St. south over the South Bridge to main road to Osawatomie and south to Beagle.--Aug. 31.

1924--Friday was opening day form W.B. Brueck Dry Goods on northwest corner of square.--Aug. 31.

1924--A.F. McLachlin sold his interest in Paola Lumber & Coal to Harry H. Whitaker.--Aug. 31.

1924--John W. Sheridan to take charge of the Western Spirit as editor and manager.--Aug. 31.

1924--A new garage and implement house for the caretaker of Wallace Park and Comfort Station 40 x 50 were erected
after many donated. The caretaker’s house was paid for with Congregational Church’s closing funds.--Nov. 2.

1925--Paola is located on 2 state highways, Jefferson and Canon Ball. A toy factory, brick plant, ice plant, cheese
factory and soda pop factory are the chief plants. Paola has 3,370 inhabitants: 530 Methodists, 415 Presbyterians, 379
Christians, 243 Baptists, and 700 Catholics. Other churches are the Colored, Holiness and Lutheran. Paola has 2
telephone systems: Hodges, 1000 city phones and Farmers 600. Three banks: Miami Co. National, Citizens, Liberty
State. Chamber of Commerce a recent organization.--PB & HK.--EH #3. Nov. 27.

1925--The County Commissioners made the following appointments: Link Logan, Janitor; E.J. Finn, oil well plugger;
Floyd Kirby, purchasing agent.--Jan. 19.

1925—Willard Thorpe is now the baker at Barkhurst’s City Bakery--WS. Jan. 19.

1925--The county is organized to curb bank robbers; Sheriff J.S. Barnes has appointed 50 deputy sheriffs distributed
over the county.--Jan. 23. (Dec. 18 item: Arms and ammunition have arrived for the Miami County Vigilantes. These 75
men were all appointed deputy sheriffs; each town has a captain.)

1925--J.L. Lowe has discontinued his implement store.--Jan. 20.

1925--Rev. E.M. Daniels has been returned to the Methodist Church another year.--Mar. 9.

1925--A supervised playground for children in Wallace Park in the summer months is planned by the Chamber of
Commerce.--May 1.

1925--The Council has passed the Bone-dry Law. It gives policemen authority to make arrests for violation of the liquor
law; the city gets the fines.--May 22.

1925--The Royal Neighbors held their county convention, 305 women of different lodges.—June 6.

1925--The Board of Education Decides for religious training in the Paola schools.—June 24.

1925--The Empress has installed a new cooling system three times as large as the old one. Where can you spend a
more enjoyable evening than high class pictures away from the heat--MR. July 17. Gus Krieger has installed a $2,500
electric pipe organ there.--Aug. 22.

1925--This week the road to the Country Club and to the club house has been recovered with cinders; the club is
standing the cost.--July 17.

1925--The American Legion Auxiliary will not back the Chautauqua this year because of lack of interest. Redpath people
will probably go ahead on their own since routings are made--July 17.

1925--Paola’s new sanitary swimming pool owned by Elmer Hagemeyer is formally opened; Miss Marie Wagner,
Chicago, gave exhibits of diving and swimming.--July 17

1925--Mother Jerome celebrated her golden jubilee at Ursuline Academy.--Aug. 22.

1925--Frank Tomlinson and Boone McNelly purchased Clithero Grocery on North side of Square.--Sept. 25.

1925--James Patterson to sell Gentry Bros.-James Patterson Circus to King Bros. of Peru, IN, owners of Walter LaMain
Shows.--Oct. 7. The big brick barn was destroyed by fire.--Nov. 24. Fire loss $50,000 James Patterson’s pony and
wagon barn.--Feb. 26, 1926.

1925--The annual reunion of the 20th Kansas will be held here.--Oct. 12.

1925--Armistice Day will not be observed in Paola this year.--Nov. 11.

1925--The new Methodist building was dedicated; Bishop Waldorf gave the address.--Dec. 20.

1926--Scout Bounds was granted a permit to operate bus line between Osawatomie and Kansas City.--Jan. 1. Bus
service started between Paola and Osawatomie by the Yellow Cab Co.--Feb. 12.

1926--The 50th anniversary of the Pleasant Hour club was celebrated.--Jan. 22.

1926--A big need is a modern hospital; about 25 county people in Kansas City hospitals.--Jan. 29.

1926--The Paola Butter Co. in new quarters on Maple Street, five people employed; the plant averages 750 pounds a
day, 125,000 pounds in 1925. L.B. Smith was one of the founders.--Jan. 29. O.E. Collins has bought the interest of L.B.
Smith.--July 16.

1926--City Council set salaries: street commissioner, $150 and assistant Marshal $90 a month, city attorney $300 a

1926--Bradley Bros. bought Paola Bottling Works wholesale Candy & Tobacco business.--Feb. 26.

1926--Davies City Laundry moving to new building on N. Silver back of Weir Hardware.--Mar. 5.

1926--County received state $26,811.03 for their 6 months share of the 2% gas tax--Mar. 5.

1926--Fred Koehler went to KC to buy the latest bread mixer, cost $1,290. Fred and his son Gerald have moved their
bakery to the Altman building.--Apr. 2.

1926--About a foot of snow fell; county roads drifted as high as a horse’s head. Roy Wilson, driving J.B. Lindemood’s
Studebaker funeral coach, stalled just west of Bonita and had to abandon it after 2 spans of mules failed to pull it out.--
Apr. 2.

1926--A Mary Pickford film is playing at the Empress theatre.--Apr. 9.

1926--George Staves will have free fishing day at his lake five miles south of Fontana.--Apr. 16.
Staves Supply Co. was one of Paola’s biggest business establishments in the mid 20s.--EH  #25, pg. 7.

1926--K.L. Grimes announced the organization of a band next year (with loaned instruments). A real band is needed to
stir enthusiasm in athletic events.--Apr. 16.

1926--Elmer Hagemeyer, owner of the swimming pool adjoining Wallace Park, has purchased a steel slide 20 feet high
and 30 feet long and a smaller slide for children. Other features will be a steel water pony and a Marine monster--WS.
Apr. 30.

1926--Surveys made of new Miami County National Bank building to be erected on the old site, 44-foot frontage on the
west and 100 feet long.--WS. May 7. It was built in 1877, new one to be occupied in October. Cost will be $112,000
including the large vault.--MR. Sept. 19.

1926--H.O. Peterson has sold his variety store to Mr. Ed T. Moore.--May 7
1926--The Harry Fessenden Elevator 820 W. Peoria burned, thought from lightning.--May 21.

1926--Contracts will be let for the $400,000 administration building at Ursuline.--May 21.

1926--The Chamber of Commerce have added 64 new members in last month.--May 28.

1926--Conley Lumber Co. bought by Paola Lumber & Coal; Conley will work for them.--June11.

1926--Modern Auto Laundry installed by Emil Koehler at old City Laundry building.--June 25.

1926- Ingersoll Foundry has done exceptionally good lathe and cylinder grinding work.--July 2.

1926--The new $10,250 fire truck on exhibition this week.--July 9.

1926--H.F. Miller to open cleaning and tailoring shop on south side in Goldstein room.--July 16.

1926--The boy scouts have gone to Camp Dan Syre near Noel, MO.--July 30.     

1926--A German World War cannon has arrived as a gift from the government to Miami Post, No. 156, American Legion.
It will be placed in Park Square.--Aug. 6. (Donated for scrap WW II.)

1926--Paola Motor Sales has been sold to Elmer Reed and Mr. Frances Reed.--Aug. 6

1926—The Paola Iron and Metal Co. on W. Wea is Herman Miller dealing in all kinds of auto wrecking and repairs.--WS.
Aug. 13.

1926--The oldest resident by years living here, William Todd, has been here 64 years.--Aug. 17.

1926--Miami county people living in Kansas City will hold a picnic in Wallace Park.--Aug. 13.

1926--Maj. Charles Crawford, after two years in Philippines is transferred to Washington, D.C. as war college instructor.
--Aug. 25

1926--Marion Talley, famous operatic star passed through enroute to KC. A number of her admirers shook hands with
her at the Missouri Pacific depot.--WS. Sept. 14.

1926--Miami County National Bank Building, now being razed was built in 1877; A new one is to be occupied in October.
(It was June, 1927). Cost $112,000 including the large vault.--MR. Sept.  19.

1926--R.L. Tracy sold his service station to Skelly and will be local manager.--Sept. 24.

1926--Adv.-Bowling Alley just installed 283 ft. of regulation Brunswick hard maple alleys. Ladies especially invited—P.J.
Elledge. SW corner sq.--Sept. 24.

1926--Adv.-New invalid coach to carry ill and wounded, heater for cold weather, 3 seats for passengers. We go
anywhere at any time, Metzler Furniture.--Sept. 24.

1926--The “Stop” signs at the four corners of Park Square are too small. What’s needed is large letters, at least 18
inches long, painted on the pavement in white.--WS. Sept. 24.

1926--The Frisco sold 242 round trip tickets to KC last weekend on its dollar-rate.--WS. Oct. 1

1926--H.T. Harbison, fire chief, received diamond studded pin for 38 years service.--Oct. 8.

1926--The Neil Rice cleaning and pressing shop installed a Hoffman hat blocking machine using a steam pressure
process.--WS. Oct. 15.

1926--The Church of God brick and tile chapel cornerstone laid at 505 W. Piankishaw.--Oct. 15.

1926--Paola’s radio broadcasting station, KUCO equipped by Manager Beneficial of Kansas Utilities will be used for local
amusement.--Oct. 29.

1926--The high school will give a special program in honor of the World War veterans on Nov. 10th. A section of their
auditorium will be reserved for the veterans.--WS. Nov. 5.

1926 The Bide-a-Wee Chocolate shop is manufacturing thousands of pounds of candy for the Christmas trade.--Nov. 19.

1926--J.C. Young has sold his battery service station; he will be sheriff on Jan. 10.--MR. Dec. 3.

1926--Drew McLaughlin elected for board of education vacancy, death of B.L. Sperling.--Dec. 17.

1926--Charles Steele is winner in a slogan-for-Paola contest with “Try Paola First.”--WS. Dec. 17.

1926--Alex Stremmel purchased the air dome of Bunyan and LeMaster and will conduct it with his OK Theatre.--Dec. 22.

1926--Louise Meuser to Washington, D.C. where she takes charge of the Lewis Hotel Training Schools from which chefs
and caterers are graduated.--WS. Dec. 24.

1927--Federal aid for surfacing 6½ miles between Paola and Osawatomie granted.--Jan. 11.

1927--Old Sinkey Building, brick block on the SW corner of the Square, next door to old Paola Hall was completely
destroyed by fire. It was built by Sheriff Rainey in 1872 for his family to live on 3rd floor. Old rock jail was just behind it.
(Years before a large fiery KKK cross was burned on top.) Paola’s first pumper truck was brought. In basement was: JT
Elledge Bowling Alley & Billiards; 1st floor: J. Fred Williams. Clothing, Kidwell Grocery and A & P Tea Co.; 2nd: Dr. L.A.
VanPelt; Dunham & Williford, real estate agents; 3rd: Chas. Wright, Rudy Shaeffer and John Barricklow had sleeping
rooms. Adjoining were Nicholson Building, Bide-a-wee, Miami Republican in the middle of block. (Later a two story
building was built by Sinkey.)--WS. Feb. 2.

1927--There are 3 women of Paola who are known to smoke pipes and 12 who smoke cigarettes. Only 7 girls are
reported as cigarette smokers.--Feb. 27.

1927 J.B. Lindemood sold furniture and undertaking to Metzler’s Furniture and Undertaking Co. (who opened
remodeled funeral home in June).--Apr. 1.

1927--Paola headquarters for Troop 114th Cavalry KS NG; 62 men here signed up.--May 1.

1927--Ralph Coler to attend High School, rode a horse from Somerset, kept it at Randel Livery, W. Peoria.--May 1

1927--L.F. Metzler and E. Frazier were appointed to the Cemetery Board.--May 3.

1927--Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Buchman purchased Dale Whitaker’s Seed and Feed Store.--May 13.

1927--Paola is to have a kindergarten; the required petition signatures were secured.--May 27.

1927--Postmaster Cyrus W. Ricketts was elected state commander of the Spanish-American War veterans.--June 9.  

1927--The City Council has revised the ordinances. They were printed in book form.--Aug. 8.

1927--The colored people celebrated Emancipation Day.--Sept. 22.

1927--Jack Dempsey, prize fighter, passed through Paola; admirers went to the depot to see him.--Oct. 9.

1927--Annual meetings of the Farmers Union and the Farm Bureau is to be the 3rd and 5th.--Dec. 3.

1928--Christian Science Church at Agate and Piankishaw is completed.--Jan. 6.

1928--Frisco Depot so badly damaged by fire that it will have to be razed.--Jan. 6.

1928--E.J. Sheldon is Republican candidate for state senator.--Jan. 13.

1928—W.H. Lewis, broker in investments, motor car paper, and realty loans, has done $200,000 worth of investments
in the last six months that before had gone to KC and Chicago. His offices in the Baehr building are visited by many.--
WS. Jan. 13.

1928--Thomas H. Kinsella, Kansas City, 74, Holy Trinity pastor 1914-1919, died.--Jan. 20.

1928--J.B. Bailey received two carloads of new model Hudson and Essex cars.--Jan. 20.

1928--Chilton Cully has sold Blue Lantern Restaurant to Ed Evans.--Feb. 3.

1928--Air mail service available by train connection with Chicago-KC-Dallas line; 10 cents for each half ounce; envelopes
Marked “Air Mail.”--WS. Feb. 10.

1928--The Presbyterian addition will extend 20 feet to alley to take care of pipe organ donated by Christies.--Feb. 10.

1928--Relatives received from J.C. McLachlin an oil painting of their great grandmother Jane Mar. shall, wife of Wm.
McLachlin, copy made from a hundred -year old picture.--Feb. 17.

1928--Maurice Whitaker, deputy sheriff, was critically wounded by a man he was trying to arrest (and died Mar. 9,
1928).--Mar. 2.

1928--The Park Board spent $180 for a kitchen at Wallace Park with 2 hot plates, table and a gas meter constructed so
a nickel will be enough to cook a meal. A double cottage built for tourists is arranged for 2 parties and with auto
shelters to rent for $1 a night.--Mar. 16.

1928--Henry Sherman and Frank Koehler bought billiard room on west side of park from Josey Dickey. Frank Robsaman
and L.E. Dickey consolidated barber shops with J.W. Pumphrey.--Apr. 4.

1928--Drew McLaughlin was elected Second District delegate to KC Convention.--Apr. 4.

1928--A Boy Scout troop was re-organized under G.A. Egbert, South School Junior High Principal. He had organized a
Marble tournament in March.--Apr. 6.

1928--Rawson Restaurant burned.--Apr. 13.

1928--W.O. Young bought Canon Ball barn one block west of square planning on replacing it with tile and stucco
structure but it burned and entire block, thought to be Paola’s biggest fire in history. Fire cleaned block NW of Park
Square: B-Square Garage containing 60 autos & trucks; Robt. Lehr’s Shop; Harry Burton Vulcanizing; Dr. W.M. Dicke,
Vet Office; Paola Lumber & Coal and home of J.W. Pumphrey, 209 W. Peoria. Osawatomie fire truck helped keep fire
from spreading to other homes. The new Paola Lumber & Coal and Panhandle Eastern Pipeline building next occupied
the block.--WS. Apr. 21.

1928--The Atlantic & Pacific Tea store destroyed in Sinkey Building fire has taken a 5-year lease on the Frank Koehler,
Sr. building on east side of Square; J. Fred Williams has rented a room of Preston Mitchell in the Eisele building on the
east side.--Apr. 21.

1928--John Hinkle of grocery traded Anderson county land to Mr. Dora George for lease of Commercial Hotel.--Apr. 27.

1928--City to have modern ice cream factory operated by R.E. Saxton.--May 4.

1928--Paola has 11 north bound and 12 south bound trains’ daily.--May 11.

1928--Robbers broke in at 10 pm into Bailey Motors and stole 57 tires even though many people on streets at that time.
--May 18.

1928—New ball park on east edge to be used for football, baseball and outdoor games.--May 18.

1928—25 shale gas wells were brought in during the last two weeks.—July 27.

1928--Carnival coming under auspices of Troop 114th Cavalry will be in the McGrath pasture west of Wallace Park.—July

1928--Delinquent tax lists 5 1/2 columns long are published in this issue.--Dec. 4.

1928--City council votes to pave the street to cemetery.--Dec. 4.

1929--The County Commissioners appointed Wm. McNelly, Register of Deeds, to fill the unexpired term of Mr.. Lulu
Sperling, Deceased.--Feb. 15.

1929--DeMolay George M. Durkee Chapter was instituted with 42 chapter members.--Feb. 22.

1929--The Commercial Hotel is managed by the owners Mr. and Mr. John Shinkle.--Apr. 12.

1929--Canfield & Goldsmith Women’s and Children’s dress factory in Armory Hall.--Apr. 26.

1929--Lewis buys John Shinkle Grocery Store; Essner opens grocery in south half of Schwartz Building; L.Y. Monroe, KC
opens an Unclaimed Merchandise Store.--May 31.

1929--Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boyd motored to Ann Arbor for daughter, Berenice’s graduation.--July 5.

1929--W.H. Bowers again in charge of the Bowery.--July 17.

1929--48 Methodist young people to Rocky Ford for swimming, base and army ball.--July 17.

1929—Elizabeth Ahrens and friend Mary Shapiro will sail from San Francisco to start a two years trip around the world
as traveling journalists for the Missouri University.--Aug. 23.

1929—Dickinson Theaters Inc. purchased the Empress.--Aug. 29. The fall show has been called off because of polio
cases. (9 in county). (Talkies installed in following March.)--Sept. 15.

Insert 3-69 and 3-70.

1929--Lt. Walter Ringer, the new Captain of Troop K., 114th Cavalry.--Oct. 29.

1929--The will of Charles Griffith left $7,000 to Paola churches.--Nov. 4.