• Paola Kansas, A 150 Year Timeline   view selected
    pictures from the book here!
  • Atlases 1878 and 1901
  • Cemetery Books Vol. I, II, III
  • Other Area Histories

  • A Half Century of Memories by Bert Homrighausen
  • Drexel, MO 1890-1990
  • Osawatomie and It's People
  • Paola High School Alumna
  • Tongues of Fire by Joseph Towne
  • The Secret Danites, Kansas' First Jayhawkers
  • For My Country 1941-1945
  • Quilt Books (4)
  • Irish Genealogy Helper

  • Trails
  • Forts
  • Indian Tribes
  • Posters And Pictures
  • County & Town School Photographs
  • 1872 Paola (color enhanced)

  • Custom puzzles and coloring books
  • Unique postcards
  • Large assortment of custom note cards
  • Display case full of one of a kind necklaces and
    custom orders are available upon request.
  • Courthouse note cards and Miami County Postcards
  • Organ Music Tapes
  • The Paola Game

  • Toys, shirts, and other items normally found in gift
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Paola, Kansas
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    How it works: you submit
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    Up to 6 pictures in jpeg
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    pictures are processed at
    $5 per picture.

    Your page will stay up for
    one year, or indefinitely as
    long as you keep your
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Map of Paola 1873
Makes great wall decoration and
shows your pride in Paola History
Many assorted copies of old Photographs
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